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Agoraphobia, Fibromyalgia, Depression And Addiction – A Wretched Life

Agoraphobia, Fibromyalgia, Depression and Addiction – A Wretched Life

By Charles Wm. Skillas, Ph.D.

Agoraphobia is the fear of open spaces and fibromyalgia is a pain disorder in your muscles and joints. It may also cause poor sleep, headaches, and stiffness or muscle aches. Stress or lack of sleep can make the symptoms of fibromyalgia worse. More women than men have fibromyalgia, but the disorder is common–it is seen in about 5% of the population. However, it isn’t life-threatening, and it doesn’t cause permanent damage but it makes life miserable. Psychotherapists treat agoraphobia and depression and medical doctors usually treat fibromyalgia with pain medication.

Doris, a 43-year-old single female spent the last four years imprisoned in her house, afraid to go out and wracked with intractable pain for nine years that was diagnosed as fibromyalgia. She was being treated with benzodiazepines for sleep, anti-depressants for depression and heavy pain medications, including cortisone injections and oxygen treatments from a chiropractor. She was addicted to the sleep and pain medications and to get relief, drank upwards of five litres of wine every day to help her sleep and relieve the pain. She added the wine because she had developed tolerance to the medications and was at the upper limit on drug dosage. Drugs such as these usually don’t work for people in the long term and the wine seemed to help her to bear her misery. Her life was shattered, and she was an emotional wreck when I met her.

Because I am not a licensed medical doctor or psychotherapist, I cannot treat these conditions, but I agreed to try to generally help her using hypnotherapy at her urgent request. Although she was a beautiful and wealthy woman, Doris had very low self-esteem and never had a healthy relationship with men. The two men in her life were non-supportive and treated her badly. The first man beat her and the second with whom she had a child, now a teenager, was indolent and sought to keep her dependent on him so she would financially support him. He wanted her sick so he could take care of her and not have to work. She had a very beautiful and wealthy domineering mother who from childhood belittled her. She had 10 unneeded cosmetic surgeries at her mother’s insistence by the time she was 35 years old. Her mother was ashamed at her illness and had once sent her to a mental hospital for five weeks to “straighten out”, an experience that left her “shaken” and worse than before. Doris loved her father but he died of cancer when she was very young.

Using regression therapy, I discovered that when Doris was 6 years old, her mother started making out with men in the house and would make Doris put on a nightgown and kiss the men mother was “entertaining”. Doris had great fear that her mother would abandon her and would try to sleep with her mother so the men could not. At 7 years old, she was attacked by a swarm of wasps stinging her all over her body and in another lifetime, she fell down the stairs severely injuring her. These regression incidents proved to be the source of her fibromyalgia pain. The fear that enveloped her created soul-mind fragmentation (ego states) within her that were still highly energized. The fear lowered her psychic defence system and demons came upon her to destroy her using the fragmentation, fear and the energy of the wasp episode as their tools of destruction. Doris is a fine woman of great light and demons seek to destroy people like her.

Without going into the therapy details, this is what I generally did for her. I released the demons and was then able to resolve negative issues from the past by means of this life and past life regression therapies. Using Parts therapy and Gestalt therapy, we were able to work out her self-hate, mother forgiveness issues and soul-mind fragmentation. Once these were taken care of, I reprogrammed her subconscious for ego strength and self-value. I also provided her with her own internal safe place with self-induced triggers to access it and made her aware of her own Guardian Angel’s protection, her inner protector.

The entire course of therapy took 21 hours. About one month after completing therapy, Doris resumed her life free of the negative forcing functions that were destroying her. She now drinks one or two glasses of wine in a day, just for the enjoyment of it. She no longer takes sleep medication and the pain of the fibromyalgia is practically gone and will soon be totally gone. Her medications are drastically reduced, and she is successfully weaning herself of them entirely. The depression, having been caused by the devastation of her illness, has lifted now that she has pain relief and optimism. She is driving her car, which sat idle for 4 years and interacting with her daughter in a positive way helping her with schoolwork and taking her shopping. She visited her mother, felt at peace with her, and has told her leach boyfriend to get out of her house, which surprised and distressed him causing him to become much more truly helpful to Doris. This relationship may have a chance to become positive if he receives help.

Truly, releasing the negative forcing functions within her subconscious mind and positively reprogramming it, has enabled her to find herself and her life has changed from one of misery and unhappiness to one of hope and anticipation of the future.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for general informational purposes and does not provide medical, psychological, or other professional advice.

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