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Hypnosis And Smoking: Finding A Successful Way To Quit

Hypnosis and Smoking: Finding a Successful Way to Quit

By Jared D. Ingram

All over the world, smoking is one of the unhealthy habits that are very difficult to kick. People smoke for a variety of reasons. These reasons are mainly emotional in nature. There are smokers who smoke out of habit, and there are smokers who smoke to distract themselves from something undesirable or to comfort themselves. Quitting smoking can bring about a number of “bad behaviours,” often labelled as withdrawal symptoms. Regular sessions of hypnosis or hypnotherapy have been found to be one of the most effective, albeit requiring more time, ways to stop smoking.

Psychotherapists and hypnotists have studied hypnosis and smoking and have proven its worth effectively, helping smokers kick the habit more permanently.
There is a certain pleasure that smokers get out of puffing a cigarette. More often than not, this pleasure covers for an underlying problem a smoker has. It is getting to the root of this problem that is believed to bring a stop to the habit of smoking. Taking medications in order to stop smoking never really cures the problem. And so, even while some relief is felt out of taking these medications, the habit finds its way back. With hypnosis, the hypnotist helps the smoker get to the root of the problem by carefully unravelling the layers of issues that actually serve to mask the real reasons that bring about the urge or the need to smoke. Hypnotists like Ireland’s Paul Gill believe in using hypnosis as a viable alternative to advertised medicinal cures.

While smoking makes the smoker feel good somehow, it brings about a host of health problems. For one, it is the leading cause of lung cancer. Even second hand smokers or those who do not really derive pleasure from smoking but are exposed to the smoke coming from others’ cigarette puffs are in danger of contracting such an illness along with several other respiratory ailments. You will significantly improve the state of your health, and those around you, when you stop smoking whether through hypnosis or any other way. Your blood circulation as well as your lung function will be increased and your dangers of contracting coronary heart disease are decreased. Those who have closely researched hypnosis and smoking have found that smokers who quit smoking through hypnosis have greater likelihood of being able to do so for the long term.

Studies into hypnosis and smoking have shown a great percentage of success in stopping smoking. This is because it taps into the subconscious mind, which is what controls most of our habits. Hypnosis used in psychotherapy reprograms the subconscious mind to shun smoking and to go on a healthier pattern to deal with the issues that prompt a person to smoke in the first place. It does not take much to stop smoking through hypnosis. You only have to find a good hypnotist and commit to the process of hypnosis. It often takes quite a while with several hypnosis sessions in order to see some progress in your bid for a new smoke-free life. But, once you have reprogrammed your subconscious with the help of a hypnotist, you will never touch another stick of cigarette ever again in your life. There are very good hypnotists in Ireland, such as Paul Gill who can list a great number of successful quitters through his hypnosis treatments.

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