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Hypnotherapy Treatment For Insomnia Is Safe And Effective

Hypnotherapy Treatment For Insomnia Is Safe and Effective

By Alex Gleeman

Insomnia can rob a person of energy and cause chronic fatigue that will eventually begin to cause severe health problems if not treated. The traditional treatment for insomnia is drug therapy, but this doesn’t always work and many individuals don’t want to continue on prescription medications for a long period of time. There is another alternative for treatment and that is hypnotherapy treatment for insomnia. It is safer and all natural and it works.

Insomnia leads to exhaustion and as the body is deprived of the rest it needs to repair and regenerate, many other problems may arise. Deliberately withholding sleep is one of the most successful means of torture because a person can only go so long without sleep before they are completely mentally failing. Long term chronic insomnia has this same effect, it feels like a person is being tortured with all of the same mental and physical impacts on the mind and body.

Insomnia can be brought on by a variety of different circumstances, typically long term stress or a traumatic or extremely stressful event. It can also be caused by illness, menopause, changed work shifts, medication, a new baby, or long-term stress.

Hypnotherapy treatment for insomnia is the safest, natural and most effective treatment there is for insomnia. It is done by a therapist or can be done by self-hypnosis. Hypnosis begins by getting into a relaxed state where the brainwaves are slowed to the alpha level and then the therapist gives suggestions to the mind.

The mind is particularly open to suggestions when the brain is in the alpha state. Suggestions are planted directly into the brain because the conscious mind is by-passed. The effect of hypnosis is to reprogram the mind, to alter expectation, subjective experiences, and beliefs.

Hypnotherapy treatment for insomnia works two ways, on different levels. It works on suggestion and on relaxation. At times it is enough to relax the mind and body to allow the individual to enter into a natural sleep. The person may be able to reach a level of relaxation enough to enter this sleep state by listening to a self-hypnosis CD after retiring for the evening and while lying in bed. The goal is to fall asleep while listening to the CD and not to wake up when it ends.

Hypnotherapy treatment requires the patient to be awake during the session, but remain in a relaxed state. Their mind can then receive the messages the therapist plants in the minds. Hypnosis therapy works over a longer period of time with the person coming to several sessions. During each session the therapist gives suggestions directly to the person’s subconscious designed to reprogram behaviours and thoughts to help the person back into a normal sleep pattern.

Studies show that hypnotherapy treatment for insomnia is the most effective form of treatment for insomnia. It is natural and has no side effects and helps the individual return to normal healthy sleep patterns. Hypnosis provides an alternative to drug therapy that cures the insomnia without extensive prolonged treatment and without any harmful side effects from prescribed medication.

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