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Integrative Hypnosis: A Comprehensive Course In Change – A Review

Integrative Hypnosis: A Comprehensive Course in Change – A review

This book is a fast and pleasurable read. I feel like I can implement the techniques I learned immediately in my life. It is possible to reprogram ourselves and we have programmed ourselves in a certain way to believe certain things about ourselves and about the world. Also we have programmed ourselves to see the world a certain way. Hypnosis is safe. You are in control always. You are in control of how you reprogram yourself. Hypnotizing yourself provides master induction. There is a wake up script and other scripts that are beneficial. We are known to write our own scripts.

I was able to put this book to good use and use it on myself also. As I mentioned before I feel like I can implement the techniques right away in my life. I am planning on a big weight loss endeavor and to quit smoking. I feel thoroughly motivated and excited after reading this book. I think this book can change anybody’s life if they have the ability to be open to the concepts. I am not trained in the studies of hypnotherapies, but I do enjoy the subject. Nevertheless, I feel I can master this art for myself and that is extraordinary, since I have no training in hypnosis

I found her style of writing, as she said in the book Trans scribing, very helpful. I felt like she was right next to me teaching the techniques and the different thought processes to me in close comforts. People will probably learn very fast, as I did, reading her work as it was written in that manner. Very easy to follow concepts, with the thought that she is right next to you as you are reading this work.  Written in the style is unique and quite whimsical. I do not mean to take the educational value out of the work of this book. The words written in this book seem to capture the authors’ spirit and consciousness of this work in a delightful way. She just seems like she is right here with me as I was reading this book. I think this author is a very down to earth, well grounded, seemingly easy to approach teacher or hypnotherapist.  Her lovely spirit and excitable nature comes through in a human tone, which is easily identifiable by those who wish to follow and learn then to take off on their own.

Confidence is what you gain from this book, too. Feeling comfortable with yourself enough to open up to the infinite possibilities hypnosis brings satisfaction and growth on a personal level to the point it is noticeable by people who have known you for a long time. I personally, can not wait to begin making better food choices and that’s awesome. There is no pressure, but I feel free from my past ways of thought.  Free to lose the weight now, strange, but true. This book comes highly recommended, but I never thought it would help me be the person I never thought I could be.

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