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Before I looked into hypnotherapy I visited several psychologists for my anxiety which at the beginning was helpful, however after a few sessions with a few different people I realised just talking about it wasn’t really solving anything. After hearing about hypnotherapy from a few different people I decided to look into it and I found Marie at Discreet Resolutions. I was a little skeptical at first but after our first free consultation, I was so excited to give it a go. Mare was amazingly kind, honest, helpful and easy to talk to. Each session was very relaxing, probably the most relaxed I have ever felt! You get to unlock emotions from your subconscious and release these emotions in each session. Marie also provides self-hypnosis exercises and introduced me to Tapping meditation, which has helped me enormously with my sleep and helps me relax before I start my day, tapping really is amazing and I can’t live without it now! I have gained so much confidence and self worth to assist me with my anxiety.
After just 6 sessions of Hypnotherapy I feel like I am becoming a new person and it’s all thanks to Marie and her incredible ability to help you get in touch with your emotions, release them and live a happier life. Couldn’t recommend her and hypnotherapy enough!

Claire, Rockhampton – June 2021

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