I first reached out to Marie for help in dealing with post natal depression/severe rage episodes. I was on the highest dose possible of medication which kept wearing off and seeing a psychiatrist who wanted to add in an additional pill to see if that helped. 

I truly felt like we weren’t addressing whatever the underlying issue was and we’re just covering it with a band-aid (medication). My program with Marie was truly transformative. Her ability to tailor the session specifically to my needs and know exactly what would help me heal was amazing. 

Every session brought forward something different or unexpected, but not in a way that caused me to have any negative emotions or have to relive anything. It felt like I was watching a movie of my memories. Some memories which I had suppressed but clearly my sub-conscious mind had not dealt with properly. 

I have come out the other side much more relaxed, positive, calm and motivated to improve myself. And even more amazingly – medication free! 

I highly recommend her program. She is fantastic at what she does.