I called her my ‘Epiphany’ and she laughed and said she had been called many things before but not this. An experience of a sudden and striking realisation was exactly what I experienced.

An ordinary, everyday person doing extraordinary things to help change lives.

Marie supported me in opening my eyes to my bigger world. She helped me unlock the secrets to finding myself. Marie has supported me to find my inner courage and strength to find the ‘true’, ‘real’ and ‘authentic’ me and be able to face things head on.

Three weeks ago, I completed a 12 week programme with Marie. From dealing and living with a life time of trauma, hurt and pain to health issues and pending major surgery 

Marie has helped me to learn to manage my pain and anxiety. Marie has given me the tools and strategies to manage my everyday life and to look at things in a calmer light. I have definitely found an inner peace and a stronger sense of well being and have found purpose in my life again.

I would encourage you to meet with Marie – her programs are individually designed to focus on your needs. The worst thing of the program is completing the program and having to say good- bye and let Marie go so she can go help so many others.

Marie helped me find my wings and taught me how to fly again. For this I am eternally grateful.