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The Various Benefits Of Hypnotherapy

The Various Benefits of Hypnotherapy

By Richa Khandel

Hypnotherapy has proved to be very beneficial in treating several disorders. It is relatively a new way to treat people and help them overcome weight issues and addictions, releasing anxiety and fear and quitting smoking. It is a step by step process and follows a set methodology starting with identifying the problem and ending with reflecting upon the experience of the patient during the hypnotized state.

Many people are still apprehensive about considering hypnosis as a treatment due to the various misconceptions prevalent in society. But slowly more and more people are taking up this therapy due to the various long-term benefits it has offered to the users.

– Helpful in treating Addictions- Hypnosis can treat almost all types of addictions including food, alcohol drugs and smoking.

– Helpful in losing weight- A study has proven hypnotherapy to be 30% more effective than dieting in treating weight problems. There are people who gain weight due to psychological reasons. This therapy helps to eliminate the psychological reasons behind their craving for extra food, helping them to lose weight.

-Helpful in curing Insomnia- There are many people who suffer from different kinds of sleeping disorders like insomnia, sleep walking or wakeful sleep. This leads to a number of other problems like obesity and addiction to sleeping pills or caffeine. Hypnosis helps to treat the psychological reasons behind sleep disturbance and puts the body in a relaxed state.

– Helpful in treating Anxiety and Depression- These are two of the most common problems people suffer from in modern times. People have reaped 100% benefits with hypnotherapy in gaining relief from these situations.

– Helpful in changing Negative Behaviour- If you always find yourself irritated and angry or suffer from other behavioural problems, then hypnosis offers the right solution or you. It helps you recover from any behavioural issues by eliminating unhealthy patters.

-Long lasting effects- Hypnotherapy provides long term relief by changing the psychological framework. It does not provide temporary treatment like the other popular forms of therapies. Its effect has lasted up to 7 years in some cases. It is helpful both physically and psychologically.

– Promotes Relaxation- Hypnosis is considered as a natural state of relaxation. Also it does not involve any painful surgical procedure, tests or scans.

– Less Expensive and no Side Effects- This method is comparatively cheaper and does not involve medications that can lead to various negative side effects.

Hypnotherapy may require several sessions before you fully recover from a problem but it’s definitely worth all the efforts.

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