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Local Returns Home With New Ideas On Hypnotherapy


Marie Gilligan.  Image Supplied 

Marie Gilligan, having been born and bred in Rockhampton, has returned home after 30 years working around Australia in hospitality with a brand new way to deliver hypnotherapy.

Marie was certified in 2019 with the Australian Success Academy as a Hypnotherapist and e-Hypnotherapist, which is hypnotherapy delivered online.

e-Hypnotherapy provides Marie with a means to effectively help anyone in the world with problems which can be worked on with hypnotherapy by connecting with them through one of the many portals available online which enable face to face contact.

Marie said “This is definitely a Hypnotherapy System which has the capability of going global. My priority is menopausal women, as I have been through what they are going through and I understand their problems and want to help as many women as I can get through this debilitating illness as easily as possible. I will do this by getting to the source of their issues with hypnotherapy, as an alternative to treating symptoms, which will hopefully afford these women the luxury of cutting out a lot of medication and getting back to some semblance of a normal life”.

Some of the main treatments for menopause, although there are so many more, that Marie will be doing are hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety, depression, memory loss, confidence building and weight gain (several weight loss options are available, including the newly released Virtual Gastric Band Surgery), with special requests also being catered for.

Marie also advised that she will be treating Addictions and Disorders as well to help people live a better, happier and healthier life.

Addictions and Disorders will include smoking, alcohol addiction, binge eating and binge drinking, common fears, eg. flying, snoring, nail biting, OCD and many, many more.

Discreet Resolutions will be operating under Marie’s Company, Gilligan Consultancy, and she will also be doing face to face hypnotherapy sessions, originally in Rockhampton, but if required will travel to other Central Queensland areas, or alternatively use the e-Hypnotherapy system to assist those people who live outside Rockhampton.

“This is so exciting and a real opportunity to put Rockhampton and Central Queensland on the global stage and I am happy and proud to provide this service”, she said.

Hypnotherapy is something which in the past has been quite misunderstood and Marie believes she will be able to quash all the myths out there by delivering an effective and genuine service and help to people who have the need to lessen or manage their particular issue.

There will also be group information workshops held throughout the year to bring the Community together and get help to as many people as possible who need it.

Marie welcomes all in the Community to get in touch to discuss their individual needs, so they can get the help needed to live a fulfilling life.

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Disclaimer – Discreet Resolutions hypnotherapy programs in no way replace medical advice and the Hypnotherapy Practitioner will give no opinions or recommendations on medical conditions.